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Oak Park Bob
by Delirum


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oak park bob

Oak Park Bob is a track from Melbourne based funk band Delirium from their 2019 album Sometimes Maybe Good…Sometimes Maybe Sh*t. 

Strong language warning.

on set

Working with delirium

The vision for the Oak Park Bob clip was a creative idea pitched to the band in June 2019. After sketching a rough storyboard on a cold winter’s night over a pub meal, the boys were happy with the idea and trusted my direction.

Over the two days of filming, I can’t recall a single stressful moment on set. The onset environment I like to create, is one that is brimming with a sense of fun. I’ve always believed that creativity thrives in and amongst laughter, even in the heaviest of scenes or circumstances.

Post filming, with the final cut in place, we hosted a Cast, Crew and Friends screening at The Motley Bauhaus, an art space equipped with a 30-seater theatrette. With the official thumbs-up from the band, the clip was officially launched. I have walked away from this project with a happy heart, and an eagerness to continue making highly entertaining clips for bands brimming with character and unique appeal. Just like Delirium.


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