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“Actor’s Tribe is a Melbourne based acting class for Actors of all levels. Run weekly, the class focuses on honing the craft of acting within a supportive and collaborative environment. It’s an Actor’s brain and body gym, using practical tools and exercises” 
– Cam Faull, Acting Coach


what is actor’s tribe

Open to performers of all skill levels, each participant is given individualised tools/exercises to bring to their work on and off camera. Classes are facilitated in Melbourne by Actor, Director, Writer and Producer, Cam Faull. Bringing over 25 years of experience from in front and behind the camera. 

Actor’s Tribe aim to create a fun, learning environment where actors of all skill levels can increase their confidence whilst discovering and honing performance skills.
Whether you want to perform just for fun or want to enter the professional world, Actor’s Tribe is the perfect place to nurture your ability and further your career.



Every Wednesday, 3 hours



Location TBA



$50 participants


tools & techniques

Cam offers a wide range of services and disciplines to assist in further developing an Actor’s skill set. See below for some of the tools and techniques you can expect to learn in an Actor’s Tribe Melbourne acting class.




Camera Technique


Scene Analysis


Character Development


Meditation and Practical Relaxation Techniques


Psychology and Physicality


Realistic Goal Setting


Acting Reel Development

Actor’s Tribe


Learnt so much since joining Actor’s Tribe. I feel I’ve grown more as an Actor in the last six months than i have in the last 10 years. I can honestly say Cam Faull is a great facilitator/teacher. He is knowledgeable, supportive, and really knows how to bring the best out of someone through his no frills real actor approach. Working in front of camera all the time really helps hone in your technique. Thank you!

Greg Pandelidis

Cam draws directly from his years of study and experience within the industry, taking you on a deep dive into the actor’s toolkit. He has created a holistic system which perfectly breaks down methods from different schools of thought, explaining them simply and showing how you can apply them immediately in a fulfilling manner. Like a wholesome, well-iced cake, his approach reaches to the often neglected but important corners of performance.

The supportive atmosphere Cam’s classes provide give you the courage to make brave choices and meet new challenges head on. His compassion, encouragement and patience mean that you’re always moving forward, contributing to your growth as a performer and person.  If you’re a beginner looking to try your hand in front of the camera or a seasoned performer looking to be pushed into new territory, Cam’s personalised and practical guidance makes him the ideal mentor.

Benji Groenewegen

I love Cam’s class! He has so much knowledge and insight into what we as actor’s face in auditions and performing in front of the camera. He has such a relaxed and fun way of teaching, that you feel comfortable to push yourself and try new things. Every class is informative, encourages us to keep growing as actors and most importantly…Fun! I look forward to every week getting to “play” in a supportive and safe environment

Kelley Kerr Young

Working with Cam has never felt like a teacher/student situation, but rather more like a big, comfortable supportive hug that is bubbling with knowledge with a huge excitement to share what he knows. His love for the craft is evident in his encouragement, additional resources and being an open ear outside of the “classroom”. I can’t recommend his classes highly enough.

Constance Washington

Cam’s classes are always lots of fun and conducted in a supportive environment. I have found them to be a wonderful opportunity to prepare and workshop auditions. I’ve booked two jobs through the auditions that I have workshopped and taped in Cam’s class. Cam often encourages me to explore or play scenes in a way that I had not thought about, which ultimately has improved my auditions and given them a comparative edge. They also end up looking beautiful as they are filmed using the equipment Cam provides. It think it’s absolutely worth preparing auditions with Cam’s guidance, its great value for money and a wonderful place to just play and explore.

Michaela Celeste

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