Series in development



Series in development


“Populous” is a Dark Foreboding by Cam Faull.

Currently in Development and seeking funding for a full series. Proof of Concept teaser is available on request.

Set in a pre-apocalyptic Melbourne, where the population has spiraled out of control within the city’s boundaries. At the crest of the tipping point, the city of Melbourne is a sickly, over-populated vat of misery. The people are like zombies, trudging to earn their digits for a measly upgrade in living conditions. Heavily plugged into their devices through either wristbands or microchips, most inhabitants don’t know a life that’s any better. The city is void of empathy and soaked in wealth inequality. Acts of violence and cruelty are part of the daily commute.

We see this world through the eyes of Marcus, seemingly the only person with any moral center left in this dystopian world. He is suffering from
a crisis of conscience amidst the dawn of a new update for the app company he works for. “Nuerolync” is a huge advancement in syncing brainwaves and monitoring the physiological states of its customers. Having this information boosts sales for “Pharmacon”, the largest distributor of medication to the sick, overcrowded sprawl that Melbourne has become.

The update which Marcus is assisting the launch of will be a huge upgrade of technology, where customers can be marketed to while they sleep. Resulting in the customer buying whatever the clients want without even knowing it. It’s 4-8 hours (sleep time) of uninterrupted captive audience marketing, going to the highest bidder. Marcus can no longer tolerate the lack of ethics and morals which have been dwindling before his eyes. Not to mention the cesspool that Melbourne living has become.

He dreams of escaping to see his sister, Leila. Always
excited to see the next video update or photo from Utopia where she resides. She messages him often urging him to leave the city and join her tranquil, rainforest community. But his battle with fear and anxiety, keeps him planted within a system that is slowly eating itself.

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